Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time • Lord Socks

These socks were designed for my husband. I needed a pattern that was manly but not as boring to knit as the plain vanilla socks he generally prefers. I found my inspiration while catching up on episodes of my favorite television show.

The little boxes reminded me of the windows of that mysterious blue call box

and the toe forms a spiraling vortex reminiscent of time and space, so naturally the pattern is named for my favorite doctor.

The modular look is well suited for the man in your life but not out of place in a more feminine color. The stitch pattern is bold enough to stand up to many variegated yarns. The slightly asymmetrical stitch pattern helps break up pooling. The cuff has enough stretch to comfortably fit a number of leg widths.

Construction is top down with a pointed vortex toe that doesn’t require the kitchener stitch and that fits narrower feet or long toes exceptionally well.

Pattern is available as a download through Ravelry or in print from my etsy store.


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1 comment:

Jennie said...

What a handsome pattern. I really like it! It's in my queue now.